The Bachelorette Party Awards began in 2003. After a couple of years of selling bachelorette party items on we realized that no one recognizes the people that invent great bachelorette party items. We wanted to share some of the love we get from our customers and some of the fun they are having at bachelorette parties everywhere. So, we started giving out trophies.
The selection process is fairly informal. As the largest retailer of bachelorette party merchandise in the world, we see lots of stuff and try to pick the best items for our website. Then once we start selling them, we look for products that the public really responds well to. These might be items that sell well or get great customer reviews. Then we make the final decision on the item with a little bit of importance put on whether or not the item is changing bachelorette parties for the better. Once we decide which products we like, we order some trophies online and then give them out at our industry trade show.
Giving out the bachelorette party awards has been a great experience, one that we weren’t prepared for. Here is how Tom, tells the story: “I packed the trophy in my suitcase and went to the trade show. I hadn’t thought much about it, other than that people might like to get a trophy. I didn’t even give it out right away, I was a little embarrassed about it, but on the second day of the show I grabbed the trophy and walked down to the vendor to award it. It was a pretty large trophy, but nothing amazing. We had bought it at the bowling shop near our office. I have never given out a trophy before, but apparently there is no subtle way to do this. When you walk anywhere with a trophy people love to ask what it is for. If you say, I’m about to give it out, they will follow you. Before you know it, I had three photographers following me. Then when I presented the trophy, the people who received it almost fainted. They were stunned, speechless, almost driven to tears. It was as if I was the only person who every shook their hand and said “good job”. I guess once you stop playing little league baseball the trophies sort-of dry up. It was a powerful moment, and was followed by lots of photos. I had no idea people would like a trophy so much. I swore the next time that I would wear nicer clothes.”
The bachelorette party awards are the first and only industry awards given to bachelorette party supplies. The products that receive a bachelorette party award are the best of their industry and should be proud to attain the honor. We are very proud to be the experts in bachelorette party planning and to recognize these innovations. The awards are funded and supported by the staff at